Int'l cargo, mail throughput of Ezhou Huahu Airport exceeds 40,000 tonnes

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  • 01/08/2024 08:58
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The Huahu Airport, located in Ezhou City of Hubei Province, handled 1,022 international cargo flights and 42,000 tonnes of international cargo and mail since its first international air cargo flight launched on April 1 last year, according to data released by local custom on January 5, 2024.

The goods, includingequipment, raw materials, electronics, consumer goods and others, were shipped from all over the country.

The airport has been expanding its opening up to the outside world and accelerating the construction of an international first-class air cargo hub. In January 2023, it was approved as temporarily opening port. On April 1, the first international cargo route was put into operation to link Ezhou and Belgium. On August 28, it achieved the target of 15,000 tonnes of international cargo and mail throughputfour months ahead of schedule. Two months later, the tenthinternational cargo routewas opened to link Ezhou and Osaka, Japan. On November 3, the airport sawinternational express business officially put into service, and in the same month, it wasqualified as acomprehensive designated supervision site for imported fruits, edible aquatic animals and chilled aquatic products.

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