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Sister city since: August 26, 2021


Jecheon is one of the three cities in Chungcheongbuk-do, ROK. Located in the east of the province, Jecheon covers an area of 883 square kilometers and has a population of 132,313. It has jurisdiction over 1 county, 7 townships, 9 communities, and 478 villages. Jecheon is the largest transportation and logistics center in the central inland region of ROK. Its main industries are traditional Korean medicine, tourism and recreation, and film and television.

Relations with Enshi

In November 2014, Lee Sijeong, then Governor of Chungcheongbuk-do, led a delegation to Enshi and recommended Jecheon as a sister city for Enshi.

In September 2015, Ma Shangyun, then Member of Standing Committee of the CPC Enshi Prefecture Committee and Deputy Mayor of Enshi, led a delegation to Jecheon for an official visit and signed aLetter of Intentto Establish Sister-City Relationship.

In November 2015, Kim Jin-hyung, then deputy mayor of Jecheon, led a delegation to Enshi.

In June 2016, Wang Haitao, then Party Secretary of Enshi Prefecture, visited Jecheon City and signed theMemorandum of Friendship and Cooperationwith Jecheon City.In the same month, then mayor of Jecheon, Lee Geun-kyu, visited Enshi and the two sides signed theSister Relations Agreement.

In September 2016, Park In-yong, then deputy mayor of Jecheon, led a delegation to Enshi. During the visit, the Jecheon Branch of Korean Arts Association and Enshi Prefecture Federation of Arts and Culture signed a intent letter on friendly group cooperation.

At the end of September 2016, a business delegation of Enshi visited Jecheon City, to participate in Korean Medicine Bio Fair in Jecheon 2016.

In June 2017, then deputy mayor of Jecheon, Park In-yong, led a delegation to Enshi and extended an invitation to the 2017 International Korean Medicine Bio Industry Expo in Jecheon.

In September 2017, a delegation of Enshi companies attended the 2017 International Korean Medicine Bio Industry Expo in Jecheon and set up booths to promote local specialty products of Enshi. Liu Jianping, then Chairman of the CPPCC Enshi Prefecture Committee, led a delegation to ROK during the same period and attended the Expo.

In June 2018, a delegation of 20 village chiefs from Jecheon City visited Enshi Prefecture.

In July 2018, the Folk Song and Dance Troupe of Hubei Province performed ethnic Tujia and Miao songs and dances in Jechuan City at the Third Small Theater & Street Festival.

In October 2018, Lee Sang-cheon, then mayor of Jecheon, led a delegation to Enshi. The Enshi Prefecture People’s Government, Jecheon Municipal Government, Hubei University for Nationalities and Semyung University jointly signed theLetter of Intent on Strategic Cooperation in Higher Education.

In August 2019, Jecheon sent a delegation to learn about Enshi’s rural development.

Since the onset of Covid-19 in early 2020, Lee Sang-cheon, then mayor of Jecheon, sent a letter of sympathy to Enshi and donated 2,500 KF94 masks. In return, Enshi donated 10,000 disposable surgical masks. In August of the same year, Enshi City and Jianshi County were hit by severe floods. Jecheon City sent a letter of support and donated flood relief materials.

In January 2022, then Mayor of Jecheon Lee Sang-cheon and Mayor of Enshi Xia Xifan exchanged congratulation letters.

In July 2022, Xia Xifan, Mayor of Enshi, sent a congratulation letter to Kim Chang-gyu, newly elected mayor of Jecheon City. In August, he received a letter from Mayor Kim Chang-gyu in which Kim expressed his appreciation and offered an invitation to the Korean Medicine Bio Fair in Jecheon 2022.

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