Zigui——Yeongwol-gun, ROK

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Sister city since: 2019


Yeongwol-gun is a county in south Gangwon-do, boasting an area of 1,127 km² and a population of 40,000. Yeongwol-gun is a mountainous and agricultural county. It is well known as the place where King Danjong, the sixth king of Joseon Dynasty, was exiled and buried. The county is hence hailed as a roofless museum. It has been a popular domestic tourist destination celebrated for its natural scenery and long-lasting history and culture.

Relations with Zigui

Zigui County and Yeongwol-gun came into contact in March 2012 with the help of a professor at Seoul National University. A Yeongwol-gun delegation visited Zigui at the invitation of the latter to engage in friendly exchanges. Since then, six delegation visits have been made under the theme of the Dragon Boat Festival. In-depth exchanges and cooperation have been made in celebrations, folk culture performances, sacrificial ceremonies, customs inheritance, etc. The two sides also discussed about Dragon Boat Festival-inspired gifts, merchandise, and agricultural products.

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